Letter of Invitation 1 :

Come to my 13th birthday! Bring your sincere present and don’t forget to pray for God.
Place : Restaurant Leaf
Attire           : Formal Attire ( Dress, Suit )
Time            : 07.00 p.m until 09.00 p.m
Date            : 09th September 2011
Games        : Clown, pinata, hide and seek, egg bounce, and many more
I’m waiting for your coming! Come before 07.00 pm and wear your formal attire!
My sincere greeting,


Letter of Invitation 2 :

To   : Alia
You are invite to my brithday party. It will be held :
Date       : December 24th 2012
Time       : At 7:00 p.m
Place     : Hoka Hoka Bento restaurant
I’m waiting for your coming! So, please share our joy and make sure you will come on time.
Your friend,


Letter of Invitation 3 :

To  : Susi
I invite you to attend a party. It will be held :
Date      : On Saturday, 19th January 2012
Time      : At 1.00 p.m
Place     : Latare Caffe, Jl. Volcano 37 Ponorogo
Please come on time.