Memo 1 :
Dear My Father,

Dad, my permission in advance to make preparation for the performance of my band for the preparation of tomorrow's party. Therefore I will stay at school until 7 p.m . Dad do not worry and do not pick up me because Bobby is going to take me home.


Memo 2 :
Dear Tommy ( My Close Friend ),

I'm sorry to cancel our lunch together as promised, because I have to take my mother to the doctor, my mother is suffering from a serious headache. We therefore delay before this lunch and replaced at a later time.


Memo 3 :
Dear  Juliet ( My Sister ),

My sister, please help me later, if my friend “ Sisca ” came home around 3 p.m, please take her english books on the book shelf because I will not at be home until 5 p.m, and therefore do not forget to take it for my friend “ Sisca ”.


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